Coolest Humpty Dumpty Cake Design

Completely inspired by the Humpty Dumpty cakes on this site, I made this Humpty Dumpty Cake Design for my Godson’s 2nd birthday. Due to time constraints, I bought a vanilla slab cake for the base and two loaf sized chocolate cakes for the “wall”.

I coloured some premade Betty Crocker delux frosting green and covered the whole base. To make the “grass” I coloured shredded coconut. To do this I added green food dye to the coconut in a ziplock bag and shook it until coloured. I sprinkled the coloured coconut all over the base cake.

Next I cut and pieced together the loaf cakes and covered in chocolate frosting to make the wall. I then carefully slid it onto the base cake. I tried using a matchbox to make the brick print on the wall but I think my frosting was to soft so it is a little messy!

Finally I added chocolate covered sultanas as rocks, some mushroom lollies and some licorice flowers to complete the garden scene! I placed a soft toy Humpty Dumpty (from the show Playschool) on the wall and the birthday boy loved it!

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