Coolest ICarly Birthday Cake

I made this Icarly Birthday Cake for my cousin Sarah for her birthday. The bottom tier was a 10 in round 2 layer chocolate cake with homemade blue gray butter cream frosting (I used 1 cup Crisco to 4 cups domino power sugar, 2tbs clear vanilla and 1/4 cup water to make a batch of frosting). I used royal blue gel color with a little black to get the color I wanted for the locker. Then piped the locker doors in 1in sections around the cake then added the air vents and handles also with black frosting.

The top tier was a butter cake with a pink butter cream made the same way as the bottom tier. I piped purple star tip around the top and bottom of the cake and wrote Happy Birthday on the side.

The computer mouse on top of the cake, the microphone and Sam’s remote on the side of the cake were all made with Wilton fondant. The stars were cut out from pre made Wilton yellow fondant and stuck together with a stick in between. And the Carly and Sam Photo was a left over invite from the party..

I had a lot of fun doing this cake and have had a friend ask me to do it again for her girls in the next few weeks. Thanks for looking.

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