Coolest Icarly Computer Cake

This homemade Icarly computer cake is made out of 4 (boxes) 13×9 cakes, which are leveled flat. I used one of the tops of the 13×9 cake to use for the key board. If you put it in the freezer before you cut it you have a better chance of it not breaking on you. Then I dirty iced it and set it aside.

The Icarly picture is from the party store. I used cardboard and Popsicle sticks to keep it in place. The fondant is made from scratch just 1 bag of mini marshmallows and powdered sugar. It tastes better than box stuff and works just as well!! I used rice krispy treats for the mouse and Ipod. I covered the keyboard and cake in fondant. The rest is just hand piped or painted on with gel food coloring. The only down side of this homemade Icarly computer cake was that is was very heavy.

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