I made an Homemade Idilessa Birthday Cake for my niece. Idilessa is off from Tinkerbell. It is a doll cake with a sheet cake under it.

First I made the doll dress with white cake. I used one small glass bowl and a big glass bowl to make a double layered dress. Then I made the sheet cake that is chocolate. I put the dress in the corner of the sheet cake. I put frosting (buttercream) between the layer’s to keep them together. I covered the sheet cake with white frosting.

Then I took the doll and wrapped her in plastic wrap and pushed her down into the center of the doll dress. Then I started with yellow on the dress and worked my way up until I got to the orange and then I did the upper part of the doll. I put the wings on the back of her. I put gold beads around her and then I did the sheet cake.

I put green vines then put leaves and flowers on it. I went around the bottom with green and the top of the sheet cake I put yellow around it. And I put the gold beads around the sheet cake.

I loved doing it and it was a lot of fun to do it. Thank you for letting you share my cake with you and I hope you try to do one. This was my first one that I have ever done.