Cool Homemade Iggle Piggle In The Night Garden Cake

For this Iggle Piggle In The Night Garden cake I used two vanilla Madeira cakes (baked in 32cm x 22cm pans) laid side to side. Both were cut and filled with jam and buttercream and then covered in more buttercream and approx. 1kg of white ready to roll fondant icing.

I downloaded an Iggle Piggle picture which I then traced over and enlarged to fit the cake. I then coloured more fondant icing (approx 750g in total) in all the colours required (navy, red, brown, baby blue, blue and grey blue) and rolled each piece approx. 2mm thick. I cut up the enlarged picture into various sections and used each one as a template to cut out the pieces of coloured icing as required. I just used a drop or two of water to stick the shapes to the cake.

I started with the boat shape first as I found it was a good guide as to where to place the other pieces. When all the pieces had been positioned I used yellow royal icing to pipe onto the boat shape and co-ordinating shades of royal icing to pipe a thin line around each of the pieces of shaped fondant icing to give a nice outline.

This cake was quite large and I would estimate that it would easily cut into 30 or more pieces so would be ideal for a party.