Coolest In The Night Garden Birthday Cake

This  In The Night Garden  birthday cake  was made for my niece’s little boy who is 22 yrs. Because of broken marriages I hadn’t seen her for about 18-20 yrs. Facebook brought me to see her mum Ruth again. Then I saw them both at a carnival. They had seen a few of my cakes on Facebook which I do for a charity fund raiser. Aimee, my niece, asked me if I would do a cake for her son, Iggle Piggle and crew. She said she wanted it just so and was a perfectionist.

I was a bit nervous of doing the cake but excited too.After planning it with her, I thought easy, and started to prepare the bits that needed to be made early. The cakes are 10in 8in and 6in, all vanilla and chocolate. I enjoyed making this cake bearing in mind I only had a week’s notice. So you could say this cake had 2 meanings, made a little boy very happy and myself and my 2 nieces can now enjoy some good times together , missed them so much when they were little.