I got my inspiration for a In the Night Garden cake from some cakes on this website, and I just tweaked it suit.

I made this cake for my daughter’s first birthday, as she and her older sister just love the show. I made two quantities of vanilla cake mix and poured 2/3 into a large round tin, and the rest into a dolly varden tin. The shape wasn’t quite right, but I “cut and pasted” the top layer a bit, sticking it all together with icing.

I used two tubs of Betty Crocker ready made frosting, and added more icing sugar to make the consistency stiff enough to hold the textures I was piping. I used a basket weave technique (my first attempt), and a grass tip for the top and the cupcakes. It took a while to do the icing, but the end result is well worth the effort. The figurines I bought from a top shop and arranged them on the cake, and used tiny sugar flower to sprinkle over. I also bought the tain from the show “Ninky-Nonk” to go on the table.

I’ve made cakes before, but only for family birthdays. It took some time, but it wasn’t too hard to achieve something that everyone was impressed with.