Coolest Indiana Jones Birthday Cake

I made this Indiana Jones Birthday Cake for my son’s third birthday. All his friends loved it and it had to be one of the easiest cakes I have every made. The cake is made from 5 bread loaf size pound cakes. Bottom layer is two pound cakes side-by-side frosted with chocolate frosting and surrounded with mini Twix bars. I sprinkled chocolate sprinkles on top before assembling the Temple.

For the Temple, bottom layer is full pound cake. Middle layer is 2/3 loaf. Top is 1/3 loaf. There is a layer of frosting between each layer. Tunnel was created by placing 1/3 loaf pieces out from the bottom layer. There is a “boulder” rolling out of the tunnel that is a giant gobstopper. Frosted grey with black symbol detail. Finish with green frosting vines and store-bought figurines.

I also added a “fire pit” with red and yellow frosting to display the candles. Also, to display it looks great on a platter surrounded by gold-foil chocolate coins.

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