Coolest Indiana Jones Cake

My nephew wanted an Indiana Jones cake for his 9th birthday party. My mom initially suggested that I make Indy’s famous fedora hat, but I felt that was way beyond my skill level. This is what I came up with instead:

The cake is a 9X13 sheet cake made from two box mixes. The frosting is buttercream, tinted with Wilton gels. After stacking the two cakes, I cut a 3″x4″ rectangular-shaped hole about 1 1/2″ deep into the top cake, leaving room for writing “Happy Birthday.” The “pit” was frosted with black frosting.

To make the sand colored frosting, I used mostly the Golden Yellow gel with a bit of Brown gel. While the sand colored frosting was still wet, I smushed graham cracker crumbs all over. (Note: it was really hard to write on top of the cracker crumbs, I had to smooth most of the crumbs off so that I could get the frosting words to stick.)

The “snakes” are gummy worms with black buttercream frosting eyes. To create the “tripod and rope” for Indy to descend into the pit, I used three kabob sticks and the same string you would use on a roast or a turkey. To anchor the string into the frosting, I tied the end of the string onto a toothpick and poked it down into the cake.

I also made cupcakes using sand-colored frosting and graham cracker crumbs with a gummy worm “snake” on each one. The whole thing didn’t take too long and my nephew loved it.

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