Coolest Indiana Jones Cake

My son was really into Indiana Jones and I wanted to make him something special for his birthday. I searched and searched and had brought together lots of ideas from lots of different places for this Indiana Jones cake.

The main “volcano” is hollowed out in the middle and there is a cup inside which I put dry ice and water in just before we brought it out to give it a smoldering look. The bridge over the volcano is a graham cracker with frosting and edged with chocolate chips.

The base is actually Styrofoam, but could be cake if you had a lot of people at the party (we had 7). I edged the whole thing with gummi worms and the “grass” is sugared green popcorn. The water is blue frosting applied to the aluminum covered Styrofoam base (sort of a waste, but I needed the look).

The smaller islands are stacked cupcakes, and the bridges are red vines stuck way down into the cupcakes and anchored with frosting. The planks on the bridges are halved cookie wafers and are attached to the ropes with…yep, you guessed it, more frosting.

The men, the boat and the treasure chest are all from his Indiana Jones Lego collection. The whole thing measures 18 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and the volcano topped out at just shy of 12 inches tall.

The whole project took about 9 hours to do (over the course of 3 nights). To see the look on my boy’s face when we brought it out was worth every second.

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  1. I’m trying to make an Indiana Jones Bridge similar to this. What did you make the bridge ropes out of in order for it to be strong enough to stay up?


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