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Coolest Indiana Jones Fertility Idol Birthday Cake

Just as we said last year, my husband and I decided to make a Fertility Idol birthday cake for Bruno´s 5th birthday, his love and admiration for Indiana Jones has not diminished one bit over this year, so we started to work in a fondant Fertility Idol actual size figure, so he could recreate the scene of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark.

The cake was a success, we knew that every hour we worked on the cake worth it when we saw Bruno and his parents’ reaction, they loved it.

It was vanilla with strawberry cake, everything else was fondant, we painted Fertility Idol with gold edible paint.  The hardest part was fertility idol, because here in Mexico moisture is too much, and fondant didn’t dry, but at the end it dries and everything results fine.

I want to thank my husband for his help and patience, I love you!