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Coolest Indiana Jones Monkey Brain Cake

This cake was also made for Bruno, my friend´s son, he loves Indiana Jones. Last year we, my husband and I, worked in a replica of the fertility idol scene, but this year we made the fertility idol and this monkey brain cake. At first we thought it was a gross cake for a 5 year old kid, but all the party was Indiana Jones theme, so it fits perfectly with all the Indiana Jones idea.

First we cooked 4 layers of chocolate cake, then we frosted them and started to carve the skull monkey, then we covered with gray fondant and started to work on the details, like the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. For the brain we used the cover of the cranium game, because we do not have a brain mold for jell-o, and for brain blood we used strawberry jam.

All the monkey brain idea came after we saw Nerdy Nummies show in which they show how to do a monkey brain cake.

At the end we loved it, Bruno loved it, and his parents loved it too. It was a very exciting experience to do something like this and see all the reactions and comments that we received during the party was the best.