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Coolest Ipswich Football Cake

My friend asked me to make an Ipswich football cake painted like the badge of his dad’s favorite football team, Ipswich Town.

The badge is quite long and I didn’t have a cake pan long enough for it so I ended up having to make 3 square sponge cakes, two for the layers and an extra to cut in half and stack at the end. I filled the cakes with strawberry jam and also coated the top to help the icing stick.

I rolled out some royal icing and carefully placed it over the top and smoothed it around the edges, then came the hard part.

I mixed up some food colouring to get the right shades and began painting the icing as carefully as possible, any small mistakes were corrected by slicing a tiny piece out with a scalpel and filling it in with some fresh icing and smoothing it over with a knife. The words were written on using an icing piping bag.

Thankfully the cake turned out to be a success and was a brilliant match to the actual soccer badge.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Ipswich Football Cake”

  1. Hi Lori

    Imagine my surprise when I was cruising this site for cake ideas when I came across a cake of the greatest football team in the world !!!!! LOL. It’s just great – well done you.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say your cake is amazing, my husband is a massive Ipswich Town fan and no doubt I will be attempting something very similar on his next birthday. It looks fab, hope mine turns out as well

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