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Coolest Jack O Lantern Cake

I have been decorating cakes for 14 years, but have recently gotten into sculpting cakes and 3-D cakes. Which I must say I love very much. My 3-year old decided we should have a Halloween Costume themed birthday party for his brother. So, we said yes.

I wanted to do a mummy shaped cake but thought it to be too grown-up for a bunch of young children. So the night before his party I settled on a jack-o-lantern cake.

I took 5 ten inch layers, split them and torted them as you would a wedding cake. I use homemade french buttercreme icing, which I think is the absolute best tasting in the world. After I torted the cake layers, I placed the cake on its board, put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

I then made the marshmallow fondant which I flavored with red licorice flavoring. I set aside enough fondant for the black in the facial features and brown for the stem. After letting the cake chill, I began to carve it. This took me 25 minutes. I then colored my fondant orange and rolled it out.

I covered the pumpkin and made sure to smooth any ripples or folds. I did not make it perfectly smooth as pumpkins are not smooth. I then colored the black and cut the pieces for the facial features. I used a rice krispy treat to make the stem and covered it with brown colored fondant. I colored coconut green and placed it around the pumpkin, along with a few spiders that I got from work. (I decorate cakes for a living). And Wa La!

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