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Coolest Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Cake

First I baked a homemade pumpkin cake in 4 9in cake pans and then covered them in a white butter cream frosting. I then rolled out orange fondant and covered the Jack O’Lantern pumpkin cake. I cut out the mouth, nose and eyes from black fondant. I let those pieces dry.

I then formed the stem from green fondant and let it harden. I then took a paint brush and painted a little more orange coloring over the already orange fondant on the cake. I let the orange coloring dry before I attached the eyes, mouth, and nose. I then took and attached the nose, mouth and eyes by using a little water on the backs of each piece.

I used a skewer and stuck it through the middle of the cake and the bottom of the stem. I found some candy corn at the store that were yellow, green and orange. I arranged them around the bottom of the cake.

This cake was put in a drawing at my daughter’s fall festival at school. I got rave reviews for this one!!!

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  1. This is so cool. I wish I could make this too!! Just Kidding I probably could,I’m only 13 and I’m an awesome cook!! I started off with desert and worked my up all the to serving 10 people. My dad taught me how to cook and I now know how!!:)

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