Coolest Jack Skellington Cake

This Jack Skellington cake was really fun to do and one of my first attempts at shaping buttercream. It is just a quarter sheet cake with Bavarian cream filling.

I started with a picture I found on the internet of the title character and went from there. I realize I should have used a 8 inch round and then extra for the bust, but as I said, this was one of my first attempts at it. I cut the cake trying to use the proper dimensions to get his head, neck, and bust perfect, then I had to compensate for the buttercream I was going to use.

I iced the cake and used a thin spatula and a shaping plastic to get the neck and head where I wanted it. I then used the rest of the excess pieces to form the body and elevate his collar for a 3d effect. Once that was done I simply airbrushed and put it in the fridge.

This cake is 100% edible. I only used cake and buttercream.

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