Coolest Jack Skellington Cake

My niece wanted a Jack Skellington cake from Nightmare Before Christmas. No one had a molding. So I got some fondant and made zero and the cake and I used food coloring. I also made individual cupcakes and everyone commented on my work.

As I shaped the fondant to make zero I let it get hard overnight then the next day I put him together and colored him with food coloring.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Jack Skellington Cake”

  1. What an amazing job you did on this cake! It says you made Zero. I am not seeing zero in this picture? Anyhow, nice work!

  2. OMG that cake is the best cake in the world…from my many experience of cake this is for sure the best imitation that me and my unicorn have ever seen and i will be sure to pass this on to Mr and Mrs Kipling.
    That is all.

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