Coolest Jack Skellington Cake

This Jack Skellinton cake was requested by my niece for her 15th birthday. It was pretty easy (more than I thought). I just made a regular 9×13 box cake and iced it with classic white icing. I bought a can of the black Wilton icing with tips to do the rest (I had the colored sugar already from previous cakes.) The black and white candles were just the top off that it needed.

For the design I found a picture online and kept it close during the process. The head was not quite a circle and the canned icing is not as even as it would have been if I’d used a bag, the “collar” was outlined and then filled in. (I would have liked it to be a bit smoother on the collar and eyes but I was afraid to do much else too it).

I outlined her name and used a small measuring spoon to fill it in with the colored sugar (I sprinkled a little extra around for effect), then I put the dots for the A and e. If you make this cake, do the dots inside the letters first, because I had a horrible time getting them to stay! The sugar was causing the icing not to stick!

If you try this one, have fun. I did, and we were all pretty proud of it!

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  1. This cake is brill. I’m gonna ask my mum if she can make me this cake 4 my 12th bday. Coz I absolutely love Jake Skellington. Great cake.

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