Coolest Jasmine Birthday Cake

My soon to be 4 year old requested a Jasmine Birthday cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles. My oldest child has several food allergies especially milk and dyes, so I knew I had to make it from scratch. I found some simple recipes online for the cake and icing.

I found a $5 barbie and “re-dressed” her with ribbon. Put some old earrings on her and a ribbon crown with another old earring jewel. Next time I’ll buy the official doll cake pan because it was a lot of work doing it my way: (bottom to top) round cake pan, large glass mixing bowl, small stainless steel bowl and a cupcake on top! I glued the ribbon for the skirt to cup bottom I had cut out. Filled in all in with icing.

The real Jasmine showed up too! The girls were thrilled!

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