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Coolest Jasmine’s Arabian Castle Cake

My daughter stated very specifically that she wanted a Jasmine cake this year – which as moms know is impossible to find. So I thought it might be cool to make the castle and include Jasmine and Rajah (another request) in front.

For this homemade Jasmine’s Arabian castle cake, I used pound cake to be sure it would hold up for shaping. I made a regular round cake (2 layers) on the bottom and covered it in fondant after watching a lot of cake-making shows. So much easier than I thought!

I baked the cylinders of the little towers in pineapple cans and the large cylinder was a huge can of tomatoes. I washed the cans, peeled the labels, and just watched them as they baked to be sure they were cooked through.

The tops of the towers are rice cereal treats shaped to look that way and then fondanted. I used gold pearl powder mixed with clear vanilla to paint the big tower, windows and doors. I used spray frosting in purple for the others and then used purple sprinkles. I used extra fondant strips for architectural details – painting with “fondant writing” icing.

I highly recommend using plastic dowel rods to keep the towers in line. My only mishap was that the fondant on the big tower cracked after about 12 hours. I made it ahead of time. But I didn’t care and my daughter ADORED it. Don’t be intimidated – it was my first time working with fondant and structured shapes, and it was fine.

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