Coolest Jaws Shark Cake

I made this Homemade Jaws Shark Cake for my 20yr old nephew’s birthday. He loves movies and asked for the Jaws movie Poster as a cake. The cake is a chocolate cake which I made in a large roasting tin. I wanted the actual shark to be the cake so I used fondant icing on a large cake board as the background. I cut out “Jaws” mouth and built up the lips of Jaws to give the cake more definition and then made a pattern with grease proof paper, coloured ready made fondant icing in 3 different shades of grey and used the pattern to cut out the icing. This was a fiddly process but I didnt know anyother way to do it!

I copied the Jaws writing from the poster and made a stencil to cut around. I made the teeth with white fondant and left them to dry out before sticking them on with royal icing. This is the first cake I have made and I was very pleased with the final result.

Homemade Jaws Shark Cake

Homemade Jaws Shark Cake

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  1. I’ve seen Janices work first hand and I can truly tell you it’s awesome, the detail is amazing. Is there no end to her cake building skills? If you want a staggering cake, contact Janice!


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