I made this JD Bug Scooter Cake for my friend’s son’s 5th birthday. The cake is a vanilla 9″ sponge covered in baby blue fondant icing. The JD Bug scooter was made in 2 parts using white flowerpaste as I thought it would be easier to paint it once it had dried hard and piece together. To give it more support I used a wooden barbecue kebab stick and threaded the front wheel & front bar down onto it leaving a good 2″ at the bottom to stick down into the cake.

To make the handlebars I used a flower wire twisted and then threaded on more flowerpaste using edible glue to stick to the top of the front bar. For the step-board and back wheel I again used a kebab stick. Once almost dry I stuck the 2 pieces together using a small piece of flowerpaste held on a piece of wire which I was able to stick into each piece.

Once dry I painted the scooter using edible blossom dusts. I made the ramp out of coloured fondant icing, which also doubled up as a bit of support for the scooter once it was on the cake!