Coolest Jessie Cupcake Cake

My daughter is really into Toy Story, and Jessie, in particular right now – so for her 5th birthday, we wanted something easy and unique for our guests.

So, we came up with cupcakes – no cutlery required! I bought an inexpensive red hat at a party store, and cut off the brim. Then, I used a round cake tray covered in red felt to re-make the “hat”. This was nice and flat and stable to hold the cupcakes. Next, I printed out the Happy Birthday on the computer, bought a moveable Jessie character for the top, and that’s it !

She loved it, and got the Jessie doll as a bonus. The guests could easily grab a cupcake off the tray, and they were cute in Toy Story cups. Easy and successful! I ended up making a second batch for the kiddie party, too.

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