Coolest Jetplane Runway Birthday Cake

Well, my son who is turning 5 is big into Jets and Helicopters this year and of course as I was just “looking” at cake pics online, he saw them and immediately said “Mommy, I want that one!!”. So, I got the idea for this Jet plane Runway birthday cake from looking at others on this site.

The airport runway was fairly easy. I made an 11×15 cake and used a trick I saw on TV to level them. It said to use floss but I didn’t have any unflavored in the house so I raided my husband’s stuff and found fishing line. After the cake was completely cooled, I wrapped the line around my hands and slowly guided it through the top of the cake, which sliced if perfectly and easily.

After transferring it to the cake board, I lined the underside of the edges of the cake with strips of wax paper and then frosted with white frosting, using a bread knife to level the frosting on the top layer because I didn’t have the cake tool that’s made for that, lol. Then, I used the Cakemate coloring spray to color the entire cake green for the grass. Once that was done, I cut the black sugar sheet which is what I used for the runway. I got it at Walmart in the cake/party section. Added details with frosting writers and Wilton icing decorating tubes with tips, then added the new toy jets and helicopter.

The cake was a huge success, the kids loved it, my son loved it and the adults all thought it was a cake I bought! Couldn’t have done it without the inspiration from the similar cakes I saw online and never thought it would come out as good as it did. Not bad for a mom cake!!

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