My mom sent me a picture of a John Deere birthday cake. It was a 3 tier cake and told me she thought I should make this cake for my  son’s 3rd birthday and at first I was kinda scared cause I’ve never made a 3 tier cake before with so much detail to it so then I asked a friend if she thought I could do it, she said yes and that if I wanted she would help me get it put together.

So I went and bought all the things I thought I needed to make it and started on the project of making his cake. It turned out it was pretty simple to make. I had to bake 6 cakes and then cut them to make them straight so they would fit on top of each other then frosted them and put them in the fridge overnight. The next day was the fun part of the whole thing putting the cakes together and making sure they where straight and didn’t fall over and then having to put all decorations on the cake and then sticking it in the fridge and making sure none of the kids decided they wanted some of the cake since the party wasn’t till the next day.

Everyone was so excited to see that I made the cake and how good it turned out. I had all kinds of people telling me that they wanted me to make their cakes for them. My son was very pleased with the cake and it turned out really good and it also tasted really good. I made homemade icing for the cake as well.