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Cool Homemade John Deere Cake

This John Deere cake was made for a family friend’s little boy who was turning 4. It was a half white, half chocolate cake baked in a 11” x 15” cake pan. It was iced smooth with white buttercream icing.

I first traced the tractor (I got the outline off of the internet) and then cut the pattern into wax paper. I then used a toothpick to mark the outline on the cake. I carefully drew all of the black lines with a tip 4, and then filled in the colors with tip16 stars.

The yellow stripe and the writing were done with the smooth side of a basket weave tip. The top edge was decorated with tip 18 shells and the bottom edge with tip 22 shells and tip 2 dots in between each.

It really was a fun cake to make! Quenten absolutely loved the cake; he always says John Deere is his favorite!

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade John Deere Cake”

  1. Hello were did you find that picture I have a cake to make and I sure would love that picture to do what you did thank you – Mommy cakes

  2. I love the cake. My little boy is turning 4 and he loves John Deere. Could you tell me were you got that pattern? I have looked every where.

  3. I actually drew the tractor myself… I just looked at a picture and drew it, and then transferred it to the cake.

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