Coolest Kang and Kodos Birthday Cake

My 8 year old daughter is a huge fan of The Simpsons and wanted a cake featuring those two sinister, green, drooling extraterrestrials Kang and Kodos.

The flying saucer is basically a chocolate cake baked in a fluted pan with the center hollowed out slightly as a platform for Kang and Kodos. I used a basting syringe to inject strawberry jam and cream into the cake at different points to create a surprise taste ‘explosion’ when bitten into. Used coloured rollable icing to cover and decorated with cake paint and chocolate buttons.

As for Kang and Kodos, I used homemade cupcakes for the bodies and anchored them into the cake with satay sticks. I then used rollable icing and cake paint for the features, teeth and tentacles. Note: it’s a bit tricky working with the black cake paint; it smudges easily.

Finished off the Homemade Kang and Kodos Birthday Cake with a generous coating of ‘drool’ (sugar syrup and sprinkles) and a laminated sign saying ‘Happy Birthday, Foolish Earthling!’ ala Kang and Kodos!