This Easter cake was another fun cake, very easy to make. I used a white cake mix, green, blue and 2 shades of pink frosting. I used my small Wilton flower tip to make  small and large flowers around the side of the cake. I used brown to make a egg patch, and put miniature cake decorating Easter eggs in the patch. I did the writing and the border with blue frosting.

My son wanted to help, so I had him do the final touches. He put on the little bunnies and chicken, and yes the little egg on the stick. Then he put on the little Spring sprinkles. He has a lot of fun helping me decorate my cake as, he says it’s almost as fun as eating them, which makes me feel good. Like I said before, I really enjoy making cakes. I have been making them for 12 years and don’t plan on stopping for a long time. Happy Easter.