Coolest Kilt Cake

I made this Coolest Kilt Cake for my sister and her husband who are moving to Scotland. I began by making five thin 1/2 sheet cakes (using 1 box of cake mix per pan). I froze each one so that when assembling the cake they would be easier to handle and carve into the desired shape.

I made buttercream icing and layered the cakes with icing between. I cut one of the cakes into 4 long triangles and used it to flare out the bottom of the cake. I frosted the whole cake and placed it back in the freezer.

I used fondant to cover the cake and tinted all the colors I needed. I made the chains, belt buckle and sword pin out of gray fondant painted them with silver pearl dust mixed with vodka. Before painting the pieces I pressed them into various things to achieve the texture and pattern desired (I used metal watch bands, jewelry, etc.).

I used a pasta maker to shape the fondant into spaghetti strands to make the plaid. I attached these strips with a thin strip of thinned buttercream icing. I made a small batch of Rice Krispie bars and cut them the shape of the sporran (pouch) and then covered this with icing and fondant. I textured the sporran and belt fondant to look like leather by rolling onto crumpled waxed paper. I made the fringe on the sporran by using Twizzlers red Pull and Peel licorice painted with black food color paste.

I bought a full sheet cake box and mat at the grocery store to store the cake. It fit in this box perfectly! This is my coolest cake yet!!

Homemade Kilt Cake

Homemade Kilt Cake

Homemade Kilt Cake

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Kilt Cake”

  1. Dear Amy..

    I’m glad to see you are finally getting your talent out for the world to view!

    I think the Queen would giggle over this cake, and you might be asked to come visit her just due to her wonderment of whom holds these talents! Serious, get her a picture of this cake!!!!!! Keep me posted. Once again, great job! Susan.

  2. Yes, it is a vague copy of Royal Stewart. It was harder than I thought to make plaid so I didn’t use all the colors (green, more black) for the plaid. Thanks for the comments!

  3. The chain was a little difficult to make. I had to hand roll fondant into rings and join them together. I tried to use cheerios (which I could color silver later) but they kept breaking when I cut them. Thanks for checking out my cake!


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