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Coolest King Kong in New York Cake

My grandson [turning three] was very much into King Kong. My daughter asked if I would make the Empire State building for his birthday cake. Wow what a challenge.

I used square cakes for the bases of the King Kong in New York cake. Used rectangle pans and cut squares to stack for the high rise building. I use store bought mix combined with a scratch recipe for a firmer cake. I inserted long bamboo skewers down through the center of the cake to support it. I used a large store bought muffin for the dome of the building.

I frosted the cake with regular buttercream tinted light gray letting it dry overnight. I used homemade tinted fondant for the strips. It tastes much better than store bought. King Kong and helicopter were purchased at a discount store. Faye Raye was a Polly Pocket which was the perfect size to fit in Kongs hand.

I now call it my one and only original Empire State Building cake.

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  1. It is so amazing I made a cake for my 11 year old and my cake looked almost identical to your cake. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. This is the first time I have gone onto this web site and I was actually looking for ideas for a Lion king cake and I was curious when I saw King Kong so I took a look. Great job on the cake!


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