I made this Kitty Litter cake  for my son’s 14th birthday because he said we couldn’t make something that will surprise him. Well, we have 8 rescued cats and I ran across this recipe online. I thought this was it!  I went to the store and purchased a new cat litter box, shovel, and liners. Preparation was fun and easy because the cake didn’t have to be perfect after baking. Putting the cake in Ziploc bags and crumbling it to make the texture of the litter was easy, but adding the right amount of green and blue food coloring to make it look realistic (at least of a certain litter brand) was trial and error.

Once we got the cake spread out in the litter box (lined) the final task was to gently microwave some Tootie roll candies to mold it as the poop.  Once we had everything complete, I added the newspaper and scoop.  He could not believe we actually made him a kitty litter cake!  It has been a joke in our family for years now. I even had some of my cats come check it out!