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Coolest Kung Fu Panda Cake

I made this Kung Fu Panda cake for Joshua who is a huge fan of Kung Fu Panda. The cake is made using a Dolly Varden tin and the Wilton small sports bowl pan. I sliced around 2 inches off the top of the doll pan to make it a little flatter and also around 1 inch off the bottom of the sports bowl to fit on the top.

Each cake was covered in white truffle icing and then covered in fondant. The head was iced separately and attached to the body with two large skewers and some sugar glue to keep it in place. The arms/legs/ears etc are made from coloured and molded fondant icing.

When it came time to cut the cake we found it easier to remove the head and then just slice up the body. In fact we were able to use the head again the next day for another birthday celebration and it looked great.

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