Coolest Kung Fu Panda Cake

After my son saw the Ace of Cake episode with the Kung Fu Panda cake I was roped into making him a Kung Fu Panda Cake of his own. I couldn’t do the huge mountain scape, but this worked out fine.

Yes, everything is edible. The panda is made of gum paste. The snake is made of marshmallow fondant. The cake is also covered with marshmallow fondant. The kids and adults like to flavor of the marshmallow fondant. If you haven’t tried it you should. It’s messy at first, but awesome!

The rocks are chocolate rocks and they were a HUGE hit! The boys loved them. The sand is just brown sugar.

I painted the fondant with food coloring gel and then patted it off with a paper towel. The painted texture was interesting and different.

Thanks to everyone of this site for their inspiration. I couldn’t have done it without seeing all of your great ideas.

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