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Coolest Kung Zhu Hamster Birthday Cake

I made this Kung Zhu Hamster Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 6th birthday. It was a last minute favor for my sister. I was originally going to use buttercream, but I decided to use fondant for the first time on this cake. Since Kung Zhu hamsters are new to the market, it was hard to find an inspiration cake online. So my sister and I put our heads together, and she came up with an egg-shaped template, and we built it up from there.

The bottom tier is a double-layer 10 inch round butter flavor yellow cake with chocolate frosting and orange buttercream piping. The hamster is also yellow cake with a coat of buttercream, and covered with Wilton’s store bought fondant. I made the ears, nose, and tail out of fondant, and the cheeks and whiskers are buttercream. I had trouble with the fondant though, since I had to have the air conditioner on in the kitchen, or else it would get too hot. I had to work quickly since the fondant was drying out very fast. In the future I will make sure my cake is nice and smooth before applying the fondant, as every imperfection in the surface will show up under the fondant.

Also, I have tried many types of cakes, and I really love the way that butter instead oil makes the cake very moist, and it seems to be a little bit “sturdier” when moving the cake (from pan to cooling rack, to cake plate) or just in general when working with the cake.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Kung Zhu Hamster Birthday Cake”

  1. this is an amazing cake, i am making a zhu zhu pet cake too.! and this gives me a good idea on how to make one.!! again, that is amazing.

  2. Coolest cake EVER! It’s my hamster Toby’s birthday tomorrow. He is a Kung Zhu. I do have real hamsters too, but Kung Zhus are on my display of hamster decorations in my epic hamster room. I will make sure I make one of these tonight. HA! It looks like the Kung Zhus on your picture wanted to eat the cake whole in one! I love how your Kung Zhus look. I have one that’s brown called Brownie, and I have one that’s white and it’s called Toby. Toby will love this cake tomorrow. He loves to share so Brownie will get a tiny piece because he is on a diet because he was overweight. My real hamsters and Kung Zhu’s want you to keep in touch and be our friends. Thanks for reading! Bye bye. PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH!

  3. That cake is awesome. It’s my little sister Cayla’s birthday tomorrow and she loves Kung Zhus and Zhu Zhu pets so thanks for the idea of a birthday cake to make. This is awesome by the way. Awesome cake mate! Please put this comment so public can see it on the website. Thanks!


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