My brother was turning 16 and seeing how I recently started making cakes and made everyone else one, I knew I had to make him something great too. I knew he was into music so my idea was an iPod. Then my mom tells me he told her he wanted a Gaga cake for his sweet 16.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of different looks of Gaga. I know who she is but never sat down and watched her videos. So the night before I made the cake I sat down and watched some. Then I saw it, her Paparazzi video. Her crazy shades and funky yellow outfit. I knew I had to go with that.

The Gaga head and torso topper are made of Rice Krispies then covered in melted vanilla (kind of like making molding chocolate) colored to give skin color. Was my first time doing it and I LOVE how well it molds! So much better than fondant, will be my new tool in cakes!!!

The Homemade Lady Gaga Birthday Cake itself is regular yellow cake, but I dyed it rainbow colors and made a rainbow cake.