I was planning a trip to Oregon for a family visit.  I live in Southern Alabama and go to visit at least every couple years.  This visit just happened to fall on my sister’s birthday so of course she begged me to make her cake for it. I make everyone’s cakes at home for birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. I had to pack a few extra things to take along but took what I needed to make her a ladybug cake.

Her collection is very large and I felt that would be the cake to make her. I had just purchased the pan set that you put filling inside of and was anxious to use it. I made a 13” round cake to use as the base and made the flower that the ladybug sat on. The ladybug itself was made with a chocolate cake with vanilla pudding as the filling. I told her it was the guts of the ladybug, she got a big kick out of that one.  She absolutely loved it and bragged on the fact that her sister came all the way from Alabama to make it for her for her birthday.