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Coolest Ladybug Cake And Cupcakes

My good friend asked me to create a Ladybug cake for her daughter’s 1st birthday.

The Ladybug’s body is made from half of the Wilton Ball pan set and the head is the top of a cupcake held onto the body by toothpicks. I used Wiltons no taste red gel colour for the body and Wilton’s black gel colour for the dots and head.

For the antenna’s, feet and stripe down the back I used black licorice and attached with toothpicks. Helpful hint if using black licorice: Let it sit out overnight so that it becomes hard or stale. I used fresh Licorice and by the end of the day it started to rip. I had extra cake mix so I made a simple round cake and place the body on it and iced green to make it look like it was sitting on grass.

The little Ladybugs where made from cupcakes. To achieve the look of wings I cut the bottom portion of the cupcake off and then in half and placed them on the top for the cupcake, using icing to secure them. I iced them red with black dots and the green to look like they where also sitting on grass. I used mini Oreos for the head and iced faces onto them. For the antenna’s I cut smaller pieces of licorice and attached them in the cupcake behind the head.

The Ladybugs where a huge hit and I cannot wait to create something again.

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