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Coolest Ladybug and Flowers Cake

This ladybug and flowers cake took me many hours to make. I made it for a sweet lady in our church.

For the base of the cake I used 9×13 cake pans.

The ladybug was made from two different glass bowls, one small pyrex and one medium round bowl.

The smaller one for the head was cut so it will fit up to the body.

The spots are junior mints and the antlers are pipe cleaners.

The cute flowers were made from small marshmallows that were cut at an angle in half and then dipped in colored sugar.

The cupcake ladybugs were decorated with red frosting and then black piping was added.

The spots are mini M&Ms.

I also made flower cupcakes similar to the flowers on the main cake.

It was a lot of fun making this cake and everyone loved it.

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