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Coolest Lake Cake Design

This Lake Cake Design was for my 14th Birthday at my lake house. My mom and me made it together.

Cake: make two 9 inch circle cakes with any quick make cake mix.

Icing: icing the cake with blue icing. Then where the island is use green icing.

For decorating you will need:

Peach rings

Fruit roll ups

Sour fruit roll ups

Pretzel sticks

Swedish fish

Gram crackers


Gum ball

Decorating: Arrange decorations how you would like to. Peach rings are for tubes. Fruit roll ups are for towels and lily pads. Lily pads: use a water bottle cap to cut the circles and make the slits with a knife. Sour fruit roll ups are for the underwater lake weed. Lake weed: make slits with a knife. Pretzel sticks are for the fishing poll. Swedish fish are for the underwater fish. Grahame crackers are for the floating dock and you can crush them and use them for sand all around the bottom of the cake. String is for the fishing line. Gum ball is for the fishing bobber.

There you have it! A lake cake! Keep cold so the fruit rolls don’t fall off!

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