This Thomas the Train cake was requested by my grandson at the last minute. I had never made one before and didn’t have time to make the actual train. I decided to use a plastic train and make everything else homemade due to time.

  • The bottom layer was chocolate pound cake covered in buttercream.
  • I used green fondant to make bushes and the blue to represent sky.
  • I tried several ways to make the track, but it did not look just right. I finally went to the candy store and decided to take strands of candy and braid them to make train track. That worked out great as it was flexible so I could run it down and around cake.
  • I placed a sun on the back of the cake with his age and more trees to make it have decorations all around.
  • The top layer was also chocolate cake cut in half to make a tunnel with brown fondant.
  • I wanted this cake to be a colorful so I finished with his name in bright red fondant.

My grandson was very excited to see this cake and all the kids were excited to eat the train track as much as the cake!