Coolest Legends of Zelda Cake

My nephew asked me to make his 21st birthday cake for him. His only request was that it be strawberry and Legends of Zelda themed. That’s two requests, but hey, the kid made it to 21, so he gets whatever he asks for!

I scoured the Internet for ideas. Most were a little young for a manly 21 year old. Then I saw a picture of Majora’s Mask! I absolutely loved the colors in it, so I thought hey, let’s make that cake!

I started with a quarter sheet pan, one 6″ round, and one half of the ball pan set I bought a few months ago. These are really good for minions heads too for the minion lovers in your family. Really saves some carving time! I cut the quarter sheet part of the cake to make two squares and put them together to make a diamond. The 6″ round cake and domed round cake, I cut in half.

I placed One half on each side of the diamond with the dome on top and voila you have a heart shape! I carved the sides of the square cake to give it more of a rounded edge and iced away with his favorite whipped cream cheese icing I make. I placed damp paper towels over the iced cake to smooth down any rough edges. I made a batch of Rhonda’s marshmallow fondant and covered the cake.

I sat down with some wine, good music, and painted with my gel food colors mixed in almond extract. You can use any clear alcohol based flavor extract, or even vodka! He might’ve liked that better, but we had kids coming to the party, so almond extract it was! I went from a picture of the mask I downloaded, and painted away!

The spikes were made from rice crispy treat cereal and covered in fondant. I secured the spikes with tooth picks and a little brush of water where it rested against the cake. I painted the spikes after the cake was finished. This way no finger prints would mess up the paint job when I secured them to the cake.

I have to say, it turned out better than I had hoped. I put a lot of love into this one, and I think it shows! My nephew’s reaction was better than anything I could’ve asked for! He is autistic and has overcome so much, and I wanted him to be as proud of his cake as I was of him.

Coolest Legends of Zelda Cake

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