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Coolest LEGO Birthday Cake

My son wanted to have a birthday party themed after his favorite toy- LEGOS! The supplies I used for this Homemade LEGO Birthday Cake: Pillsbury Funfetti box cake mix, my own homemade butter cream frosting recipe, Wilton Ready-to-use rolled fondant in primary colors and white, Play-Doh letter cutters, and actual toy LEGO bricks of various sizes (don’t worry I washed the toys).

I used 2 cake mixes. I poured about an inch of the batter into one 9×12 cake pan, one 9×9 cake round, and the remainder into cup cakes (I followed the box directions for baking). For the 9×12 green LEGO brick cake I just waited until it was cool, cut 3 shallow holes on top, and set a cupcake in each hole. I dyed butter cream frosting green (my son’s favorite color) and covered the whole thing. Next I decorated the round 9×9 individual birthday boy cake. I covered the cake in butter cream frosting and let it chill in the fridge while I prepared the white fondant. I put vanilla flavoring in mine for a better taste. I put the layer of white fondant on the cake and trimmed the excess around the edges with a pizza cutter. I opened the packages of colored fondant, rolled out the blue fondant and used Play-Doh letter cutters to make “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNER – 5.” Then rolled out the other colors of fondant. I took LEGO bricks of various sizes and gently pressed them into the fondant (face up) to make impressions that looked like LEGO bricks. I cut around the bricks with a butter knife and gently placed them onto the cake at various angles. I did this on some plain white frosted cupcakes as well. I used the leftover fondant scraps to make a trim around the bottom of the cake. I just rolled chunks into marble sized balls and placed them along the bottom, tried not to repeat the same color in a row.

It was really fun to make, and Conner loved his LEGO birthday!

Homemade LEGO Birthday Cake

Homemade LEGO Birthday Cake

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