Coolest Lego Birthday Cake Idea

Two minds are definitely better than one when it comes to a project like this one!

To make this Lego Birthday Cake Idea we started out with making the Lego blocks. To make the Lego blocks we used rectangle cut outs of rice crispy treats, coated with butter cream, them covered with fondant. The balls on the blocks are balls of fondant that are flattened on the top and bottom.

The bottom and top tier are both filled with strawberry, coated with buttercream, and covered with fondant as well. After both tiers were done, we placed the blocks on using butter cream as glue. We made little rectangles with fondant of each color to make a ribbon around the bottom.

We topped it off with a small birthday gift which is a Lego watch with buzz light year!

P.S. If you are wondering why my description is so brief it is because this was our first time ever decorating a cake, or even using fondant and haven’t taken any classes.