I made this Lego cake starting with 4 9X13 cakes. I make the cakes and froze them until frozen (a couple days). Next cut them into 3rds then the 3rds in 1/2 (even the 1/2’s in 1/2 for the smallest Lego). Each Lego is 2 layers high.

I iced the cake I was doing then went to the next Lego from there. Many cakes I found were using fondant icing and I don’t like its taste so I just took the time and smoothed my icing out really well and put them all on a Lego palate.

For the knobs, I took a frozen piece of cake and I used an old film roll and cut a hole in the top of it(so I could get them out of the roll). Punch as many holes as you need. (This can have as many Legos as you feel like making). I cut the circle as tall as I wanted my knobs to be and I iced the side of is. Then I put it on the block where they needed to go and iced the top.

All the boys LOVED it and the frozen cakes make it very moist!!(a cake expert friend gave me that tip). I have only had a few cakes so I’m no pro! You can do it too! Have fun.