Coolest Lego Cake

I have 2 boys that share a birthday. My youngest was turning 1 yr and his brother was turning 3 yrs old. With every 1st birthday, I have always given my children their own cake. Well, jealousy is the ugly green monster that sits on the shoulder of my 3 yrs old. I knew I would have to make 2 little cakes. I thought it would look cute if it appeared that the 2 little cakes came off of the bigger Lego cake.

The cake is made up of 3 batches of Hershey’s Cake. I used the recipe on the back of the Cocoa container. For the pans, I used 1 – 13×9 pan, 3 – 6 inch round pans and 2 bread loaf pans. I cut the 6 inch round cakes down to a 4 inch square. I also leveled off all the cakes so they would be the same height.

The frosting is a basic butter cream frosting with Wilton food coloring gel. Then used 11 Ding Dongs to to make the bumps that are used hold real Lego’s together.