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Coolest Lego Cake

For my son’s 9th birthday, he received Lego City Lego, and so I decided to make him a Lego cake. Unfortunately, the party cake I was making stuck badly in the tin at the 11th hour, and so I had to resort to store bought Madeira cakes. I wanted to show you the way we used a Lego board, and Lego as candle holders to complement the theme.

I used two standard Madeira cakes, and cut small jam rolls for the top. I had planned to use cupcakes, but they too stuck badly! I attached the small pieces with toothpicks, and placed the cakes on a thoroughly scrubbed Lego board that I stuck down to a chopping board for extra support. I then used small Lego blocks for candle holders to top off the effect.

They were very bright as you can see, and were very popular with the party guests. I had planned to buy a special Lego cake mold, but heard that they were not so good, as the cakes stick! I will make sure I line my tin next time! I hope you find these ideas useful.

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  1. I made this cake for my son’s 6th birthday. Used our green Lego board as the base, and made 3 loaf cakes – chocolate, strawberry and angel food, all frosted with white icing. For the knobs on top I cut off the bottoms of ice cream cones and dipped them in the icing.

    The color spray you can buy at many grocery stores is the best thing I found because you can really layer it on thick so the colors are very bright. The store only had green & yellow so I had to improvise for the 3rd color, and I used pre-mixed fast dry cookie icing in a pouch. It was more difficult to get smooth but an OK last minute backup plan.

    All the boys and their moms were impressed with the cake and asked if I was taking orders for them (NOT!).

  2. I learned this in a Wilton cake class. To make sure your cakes don’t stick use equal parts flour, Crisco, and oil. After the cake comes out of the oven, wait about 10 minutes, but not longer or the pan will be more likely to stick. You can store your pan prep in the fridge for future use.

  3. This is a great idea, a friend of mine makes cakes and she will be making my 8 yr old sons Lego cake, she sent me a pic similar to this one. What size is the Lego board?

  4. I was just wondering what you used for icing in this cake? I’m about to attempt one on the weekend – there are lots of ideas for icing from overseas makers, but was interested to know what a fellow Aussie has used. Thanks (^_^)

  5. i made your idea for my sons 8th birthday, the compliments alone made me proud! I even managed to make two small ‘bricks’ for two boys who had cake allery using a different sponge.

    Thank you for your fantastic idea! :):):)


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