For my son’s 9th birthday, he received Lego City Lego, and so I decided to make him a Lego cake. Unfortunately, the party cake I was making stuck badly in the tin at the 11th hour, and so I had to resort to store bought Madeira cakes. I wanted to show you the way we used a Lego board, and Lego as candle holders to complement the theme.

I used two standard Madeira cakes, and cut small jam rolls for the top. I had planned to use cupcakes, but they too stuck badly! I attached the small pieces with toothpicks, and placed the cakes on a thoroughly scrubbed Lego board that I stuck down to a chopping board for extra support. I then used small Lego blocks for candle holders to top off the effect.

They were very bright as you can see, and were very popular with the party guests. I had planned to buy a special Lego cake mold, but heard that they were not so good, as the cakes stick! I will make sure I line my tin next time! I hope you find these ideas useful.