Coolest Lego Ninjago Cake

My three boys are obsessed with the new Lego Ninjago sets. Here is a cake of Kai, the red and coolest Ninja, made for my middle son’s 5th birthday.

I used a vanilla cupcake recipe poured into a slab tin. To get the shape, I simply looked at a red Ninjago man and traced a larger version onto greaseproof paper and then cut the shape out. I used red buttercream icing as the base, I refuse to use royal icing or fondant for kids cakes, because, let’s face it – the results may look great, but it actually tastes terrible, and the kids never really eat it.

I firmly believe that birthday cakes are for eating as well as looking at (although, I did use sugar paste for the fine details in yellow – there is only so far you can go with buttercream…). A couple of tips: buttercream can be tricky to get nice results, so I recommend freezing the cake once the shape it cut out, then, during the defrost, do an icing crumb crust using a slightly-watered down version of the final icing.

Once that has dried, do the final icing coat and smooth out any lines using a knife dipped in hot water. The final details such as the belt can then be piped on – also using buttercream.

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  1. This cake is perfect I am attempting to make it this weekend for my nephew’s 6th birthday. He LOVES Ninjago!!! I did have a question though one pan size did you use to bake the cakes? Thank you for posting this it is a great idea!!

  2. Hi,

    Re the cake tin, I used a large tray tin – I think it is called a swiss roll tin. The size was around 22×33 cm. I lined the sides with non-stick baking paper so that the paper was sticking up a few cms around the edges in case the cake rose too high. Then I just used a double quantity of a standard buttercake recipe.

    Good luck with your cake!

  3. Could you please let me know the quantities for the cake mixture you used? And any other tips you can think of. It looks fabulous. My son wants exactly the same cake, but I am so scared that it will turn out a disaster and then will be too late to order a store one. Thank you

  4. My stepson is insane for Kai, as it’s his name as well. So, I’m attempting to throw him a surprise Ninjao party this weekend. You saved me with this cake recipe, as I was running out of options (did not like the idea of sing fondant either). Can you tell me what you used and how you created Kai’s yellow insignia on his belt? Thanks!!

  5. I am curious how many did it serve? Any additional tips would be great I am making a Zane version this weekend and am nervous.

  6. i was wondering if i could get the recipe emailed to me.. my son was begging me for a lego ninjago cake and everyone i have talked to want to charge me around $100 i figured for that i better get a wedding cake.. LOL and means so much more if i can make them!!

    my email is

  7. Can you send me the recipe and exact details of how to make this cake also please! My son LOVES this cake and would be so excited to have it for his 5th bday party. Please send to
    Thanks a million!

  8. Can you send me the recipe of your frosting and exact details of how to make this cake also please! My son LOVES this cake and would be so excited to have it for his 9th bday party. Also how many cake mixes did you use? what it hard to frost with the cake being cut?
    Thanks a million!
    You can e-mail me at

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