My almost 8 year old really wanted a Lego Power Miners Cake, not hard right? UGH! So I started thinking and searching and found some ideas, but Power Minders aren’t all that common. So this is what I decided upon. I am not a professional, never even had a class, just something I love to do for my kiddos birthdays, a cake of their choice made by mom. In this case, we also had 2 cakes, one for the friend birthday and the family birthday.

I first started off with making a box mix in 2 Pyrex bowls, froze them and then started sculpting to form the Rock Monster. I should have doubled… oops! I realized that the head was going to be too heavy, so I made rice crispy treats in a Pyrex bowl for the head. Also, I placed the Rock Monster on a heart pan to add to stability and form the feet. Next the tricky part of placing the head on the body, I used BBQ skewers for this and propped up the rice krispy head.

As I assembled, I froze, did a crumb coat, froze again, frosted with main frosting, froze again… you get the idea. I needed to use something lightweight for the arms so I also used rice krispy treats and secured again with BBQ skewers. That was tricky and I ended up using a real Rock Monster for support. The eyes and “body parts were rolled fondant that I did the night before and placed in a Ziploc bag until ready to decorate.

I started to apply the rock candy that I made. After making this I realized I probably could have used crushed up Jolly Ranchers or something similar, but that seems a bit more complicated than making rock candy (ha ha). It was amazing to see my 8 year old’s face as he truly wanted a Lego Power Miners Cake and was astonished by this creation.

Also I created Lego Head cake for just family birthday, very easy! Use a 9×9 cake pan, 2 souffle’ ramekins, attach with crumb coat, then shape, crumb coat the entire “head” and frost. Super easy and cute.