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Coolest Legoland Party Birthday Cake

Every year I challenge myself with my kid’s birthday cakes. This year, my oldest son turned 9 and I didn’t make up my mind until 10 days before. I don’t know why I love torturing myself with making everything myself but in the end I truly enjoy it! My son absolutely loves Legos, so it was perfect!

Unfortunately I am beating myself up because I got really caught up in the festivities that I forgot to take a picture of what the cake looked like inside! If I get my hands on a picture I will upload it for sure!

So it begins…

I baked 4- 9″ round pans, each filled with vanilla bean cake. Each batter was dyed a different color, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 green and 1 yellow. I filled the cake with cream cheese frosting and stacked all of the cakes on top of one another. To support the cake, I inserted 4 dowels. I then covered the cake in Swiss meringue and cooled the cake for about 30 minutes.

…and then headache begins….

I bought the Wilton brand colored fondant, that comes in small blocks of blue, red, green and yellow. I rolled out the fondant into 3/4 ” strips and then cut them with a pizza cutter into  11/2′ rectangles. I then covered half the cake with the fondant rectangles making sure that the colors were not repeated. To make my life a little easier, I covered the other half in white fondant and placed little Lego men on top; to make it seem they were building the cake. The cake was a success!  When we cut into it, all I heard was “oooohhhhh and aahhhhh”.

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