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Coolest Lemon Bar Owl Cake

My mom loves owls and lemon bars so it made sense to create a lemon bar owl cake for her. Surprisingly, nothing comes up when you Google “lemon bar owls“. So, I looked online for a simple owl pattern.

Lemon Bar Owl Cake Instructions

  • I went to Sprouts and searched through the bulk food for eyes and wings.
  • I used plantain chips for the eyes and dried mango for the wings.
  • I used edible silver balls for the pupils of the eyes and almonds for the beak and the talons.
  • The lemon bars did not come out as pretty as the picture on the box. Also, when I used a wax paper template over the lemon bar to cut out the ow it stuck when I removed it. That said, when it was all put together the mottled look of the top of the lemon bars gave the owl depth.
  • It was my daughter’s idea to make a bow out of edible sugar flowers.
  • Finally, I added edible glitter to make the cake sparkle.

The entire cost of the cake was under $3 (I already had the sugar balls, flowers and glitter so you’ll need to add those to your cost if you replicate the cake).